Telematics for Driving Schools: Benefits of a Driver Monitoring App

You’ve been dedicated to your driver’s education program for a very long time now. You feel confident in your ability to teach young drivers good habits that will last them their whole lives.

But is there something more you could be doing? Could a driver monitoring app help you teach your students how to drive? How do these apps even work?

Getting telematics for young drivers can be an excellent idea, whether you run an in-person or e-driving driver’s ed. course. Read on to learn everything you need to know about these driver monitoring apps.

Telematics for driving educations

Benefits of Telematics for a Tailored Education Program

One issue with a lot of driver’s education programs is that they’re designed to teach a large group at the same time. But the truth is that everyone learns at their own pace. That’s why the first benefit of using telematics in your driver’s education program is that it can make it a more tailored experience.

Each student is going to have their own needs. Some might need more help on parallel parking than others will, for example. Making your students use a driver monitoring app during class gives you insight into what students are struggling with.

This then allows you to tailor each student’s lesson plans according to these strengths and weaknesses. Oftentimes, all these students need is a little more practice or instruction in certain areas for them to pass their driving tests. 

Now all you have to do is determine the best way to instruct that student. Once you’ve done that, they’ll be driving like a professional before you know it.

This will increase your program’s passing rate significantly, for one good reason: more of your students will have gotten the instruction that they needed.

And when your students go get their driver’s license, they’ll be much more relaxed and confident on the road. This will make them better drivers overall. And their parents will feel much better knowing that their teen was taught how to drive in a way that works for them.

Makes the Education Program More Interactive

There’s only so much that classroom education can do for a student. If they’re going to be good drivers, then they need real experience.

And students are often more responsive to instruction when their education is interactive. They want to be able to feel and experience what they’re learning about. And they want to ask questions freely as they’re learning.

This is why having an interactive education program is essential for driver’s ed. And it’s exactly why e-driving driver’s ed. is such a good idea. It creates a more interactive experience for the students.

For example, they can log their practice drive time. This might even include exactly what driving skills were practiced and how. And the app will confirm how well these skills were completed, and provide advice on how they can do better.

And if they’re confused, they only need to ask their instructors about it!

This allows students to communicate with their instructors and their classmates in and out of class time. That means they can get any questions they have answered at any time. It also allows students to show what they know by communicating with each other outside of class.

So not only are you able to help your students quickly and effectively, but your students can also be helping each other. This encourages teamwork and communication skills in young people that will be extremely valuable to them when they’re on the road by themselves. It can also help them prepare for a variety of scenarios that they might come across while they’re out on the road.

Makes Education More Interesting

Students also respond to education better when they’re interested in what they’re being taught. One of the best ways to do this is to make it more fun. A driver monitoring app allows you and your students to use class time for a little friendly competition. 

For example, when you take students onto the road for practice drive time, the app can score the student’s driving each time. Whoever can get the highest score gets to go first during the next round of drive time or wins a small prize.

You might even set it up so anyone who scores above a certain point gets a free piece of candy. This kind of positive reinforcement is what motivates students to pay attention and try their hardest to learn new materials. 

This often leads to the students actually learning more material faster than they would have without this reinforcement. This can even give you an idea of where people are genuinely struggling to understand certain parts of the course.

As an instructor, you want as many students as possible to be able to pass your driver’s education course. Using telematics for young drivers allows you to work with these students even more until you feel sure that they’re able to pass their driver’s test. 

This also gives your students a lot more confidence in their abilities as drivers. This is often one of the keys to understanding safe defensive driving skills that young drivers absolutely need. And you can send your students to their test feeling confident that they’ll pass it with flying colors.

Reduces Risky Driving Behaviors with Driver Monitoring

There are two main points to taking a driver’s education course. The first is to learn how to operate a vehicle to pass the driver’s test. The second is to learn safe driving habits.

This goes beyond getting safe-driving discounts on car insurance. This is important for the safety of every person on the road, including your students. 

A vehicle is a large and dangerous tool in the wrong hands. If something goes wrong, someone could get seriously injured or worse. Your job as an instructor is to make sure that young drivers understand this.

They need to understand that driving recklessly can have serious consequences. They should realize that many of the rules of the road are there to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. 

For example, big trucks have lower visibility than normal cars. If a truck driver can’t see them, then there is a much larger risk of an accident. And getting into an accident with a big truck is going to be much more dangerous for the average driver than it is for the truck driver.

An e-driving driver’s ed. app rewards them for defensive and safe driving habits. It also critiques them for risky and illegal driving behaviors at the same time. 

These kinds of negative and positive reinforcements are extremely helpful in promoting safe driving. This works in both old and young drivers. And it makes everyone on the road just a little bit safer.

So using a driver monitoring app in your driver’s education course will encourage students to drive safely.

Produces Better Drivers

Your goal may be to have as many students as possible pass their driver’s test the first time, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Your ultimate goal should be for your students to also be skilled and knowledgeable about their vehicles and the rules of the road. They should be practicing defensive driving courses in the classroom to nurture their safe driving habits every time they’re out on the road. Each of the benefits listed above will help you towards this goal. Making the program more interactive promotes education from multiple perspectives. It allows students to ask questions and share experiences that they’ve had. This creates a deeper understanding of what is being taught overall. That means that the lessons that they learn in your course will stay with them for a very long time to come. Making the course more interesting and more specific to the student encourages them to pay attention. It allows them to challenge themselves to see exactly what they’re capable of. And it gives you the chance to give them any help they need with your class. And finally, using positive and negative reinforcement is going to reduce risky driving behaviors. When they realize there’s no reward in these risky behaviors, most people aren’t as interested in performing these actions. This can then leave room for positive reinforcement to do its part. This promotes safe driving behaviors with points, compliments, or some combination of rewards. All of this adds up to a class of students who won’t only pass their driver’s test but will continue these safe driving habits for a very long time to come.

Get a Driver Monitoring App for Your Driver's Education Course Today

If you want to improve your driver’s ed. program and benefit your Teen and Your Wallet, then a driver monitoring app might just be the tool you need. It helps to develop those defensive driving habits early, so that students will always drive safely. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can parents track how fast their child is driving?

For parents who want more immediate notifications for driving plus monitoring tools for safety and awareness, the Mama Bear is a great tool. It is available on Android and iOS. This app allows parents to set a speed limit and alert you if they exceed that speed whether the driver or a passenger.

What are driving behaviors?

Driver behavior is the description of intentional and unintentional characteristics and actions a driver performs while operating a motor vehicle. There are many factors that can contribute to or alter a driver’s behavior such as age, experience, gender, attitude, emotions, fatigue, drowsiness, driving conditions, etc.

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