Telematics API
and notification services

Unlock the power of mobile telematics via API services. We collect data via Telematics SDK and then process the data on our data management platform. After that, you can enjoy our data-driven services and consume them via APIs

Telematics api

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Claims management

Location tracking

Crash detection

First notification of loss


Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection

Crash detection

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Safe driving score

We provide clients with the scoring model that identifies a different group of drivers and ranks them based on the risk of accident probability. Our existing scoring model can be used from the first day and supports flexible settings that can be applied to different group of drivers within a single mobile application.

Apart from that, we provide an open-source scoring model. Our clients can manage it by themselves

Scoring factors

Eco-driving scoring

Driving efficiency

We interpret driving style and mode of car usage into vehicle utilisation, the total cost of ownership, and impact on the environment. The Eco-driving scoring model provides a benchmark o drivers efficiency. 

How it works

For example: There are two drivers that have two equal car, but two different driving styles. The fuel consumption or tires utilisation will be different.

Driving statistics

Powerful statistics API is available for your clients. You can make the right decision in day-to-day operations, product development, and driver engagements.

Driver performance, Safe driving and other parameters are available from our API

Available parameters

Driving insights

Trip log and trip details

Trip log

A list of trips and detailed trip analysis including list of incidents and waypoint. The service is used to present trip information to end users as well as use the data for advanced analysis.

The information is available either via API or data export service.

Trip tag management

Smartphone permissions

Get full information about permissions granted and contact a driver immediately after permissions have been changed.

Trips haven’t been recorded? get the full details about real reasons caused that.

The data available via API, subscription, and daily report that we will upload to your S3 bucket.

Bluetooth OBD and vehicle data

SDK for bluetooth OBD
With our vast experience in mobile telematics, we developed an innovation solution that syncs a smartphone with vehicle data using a Bluetooth OBD ELM327.

Driver behaviour, location and vehicle data is automatically collected in the background, and combined into a valuable dataset.

Trip tag management

Driving history

Tag(s) for trips

Split trips between different categories by applying tags. There is no limitations on a number of tags on a single trip as well as a number of times you apply them.

Tags enable you to split all your trips into different categories and then get all statistics and scoring by tags.

Realtime tracking

Tag(s) for periods

combine several trips under a single TAG – A logistic company that specializes in intercity deliveries wants to get statistics by orders. So, when this company gets an order to deliver goods from Sydney to Melbourne it can take several days that means several trips.

To get statistics by the order they combine several trips under one TAG by activating the tag when a driver accepts his job/picks up goods, and deactivating TAG when the driver completes his job