Telematics SDK
powers telematics inside mobile apps

We have created it for developers. Follow the simple guideline and get Telematics SDK installed. The SDK works as a Behaviour tracker as well as a real-time GPS tracker.

We reduce time to market from a couple of years to a day and reduce R&D and development cost on creating tracking and safe driving apps by 90%

Tracking options

Automatic tracking

SDK listens to activities and automatically starts recording data ​

Programmatic tracking

Apply our own rules and manage SDK via APIs

on-demand tracking

Track on-duty activities by calling SDK

Scheduled tracking

Apply a schedule and track working hours activities only.


Trigger a tracking start and stop by Bluetooth

Product features

Background traker

Works in background

It works independently inside the app in background mode activated whenever a user starts driving.


The telematics SDK automatically detects driving and start recording a trip without user interaction.

AI Driven

AI-driven solution to enhance data collection and algorithm adaptation for different environments and vehicles

Low battery drain

Less than 6% - is our typical daily battery consumption level. We use Multi-sensor data evaluations to minimal reliance on GPS​

Mutli-sensors access

A modern phone contains more than 16 sensors . We carefully collect rich data set in order to provide industries with powerful insights

Accurate dataset

Academic researchers find smartphones capture around 98% of driving infractions detected by black box or on-board devices (OBD)

What SDK can do?

aggressive driving

Collect driving style and Location data

SDK records high-frequency data from smartphone sensors and detects driving events and patterns.

driving operational cost

Broadcast real-time data

It can send data to your fleet management platform. Use driver smartphone instead of telematics device.

Transport in-vehicle data

SDK automatically connects to bluetooth IoT devices plugged into vehicle, captures data and transfer it the platform

Available services and datasets


Up to 100Hz telematics data enables us to detect all possible driving incidents and provide accurate driving style analysis


SDK provides accurate trip waypoints even in the city downtown. in-build algorithms improve accuracy even without additional processing.


Get a deep analysis on speeding. The sdk captures the accurate speed information, including max speed, average speed and mileage driven above speed limits.


SDK detects all known road incidents. and ML model behind the datastream enables quickly adapt algorithms based on environment, type of transport, etc.


SDK collects location data and calculates traveled distance for the whole trip as well as for selected segment.


SDK accurately detects trips from the first to the last point and provides a trip log enriched with trip details.


SDK collects rich information that can be used to build a comprehensive user profile in order to conduct pattern, preferences and capability analysis


SDK collects location data, enhance and filter that to provide you with a rich source for geo-analysis including point of interest (POI)


Telematics data is a valuable source of data that provides accurate driving statistics including Driving time


SDK supports Bluetooth extensions like Bluetooth OBD (ELM327) to automatically enrich smartphone sensors data with engine data and odometer information


SDK is a valuable source of data to detect a crash, verify the event and provide details for crash investigation.

Real time

Telematics SDK broadcasts data in real-time to any 3rd party platforms. This feature enables you to use a driver smartphone instead of a telematics device and easily connect with your existing fleet management platform.

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