What is Driver Location Tracking and Monitoring

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Driver Tracking

What is Driver Location Tracking and Monitoring

Driving is one of the most stressful aspects of being a new driver and it can also be one of the most dangerous. New drivers are more likely to experience accidents and violations than experienced drivers, making it all the more important to keep them safe while they’re behind the wheel. One way to do this is by using in-vehicle tracking technology to monitor their driving habits in real-time. Read on to learn more about what driver location tracking and monitoring mean and why you should use them.

Driver Tracking
Driver Tracking and Monitoring

How does a Driver Tracking Software Work

The Driver tracking software uses GPS to track in real-time where a vehicle is located, who’s in it, how fast it’s moving, and even what direction it’s headed. By using Google Maps technology to pinpoint a location down to within 30 feet, an employee can be tracked in real-time. Not only does driver tracking software provide employers with precise data about their vehicle’s whereabouts at any given moment, but it also provides various other benefits. Many businesses use driver tracking software for parking lot monitoring, delivery verification, and locating lost or stolen vehicles and cargo. There are also applications for driver safety management as well as theft deterrence. Here’s how a driver-tracking app works:

Purposes of Driver Tracking

If you have ever wondered what driver tracking is all about, it’s a GPS monitoring device that helps you keep track of your drivers in real-time. This tracking feature can be added to your Fleet Management solution to enable enhanced visibility into your operations.

Efficient Fleet Management

Real-Time Order Tracking: Customers might be okay with waiting 20 minutes for their package to arrive, but getting updates about its location can help them rest easy. With a real-time driver tracking app, customers can log on to your website and see where their delivery driver is in real-time. Driver location tracking helps customers feel as though they’re getting more personal service even if they are not physically present at home when their package arrives.

Cost Optimization

Driver tracking apps help fleet managers know where their drivers are in real-time, as well as how long it’s taking them to drive between stops. These statistics are incredibly valuable for cost optimization. Fleet managers can use these statistics to look at what routes drivers are taking and determine whether they could save time on their route—all while saving money by driving more efficiently.

Reduction in Risky Driving Behaviour

In addition to improving operational efficiency, real-time tracking improves driver behavior in a way that reduces risk. When it’s clear that you’re being tracked for your safety as well as for company profits, risky driving (i.e., speeding) quickly diminishes. This has a side benefit of saving money because safe drivers are more efficient—they also have fewer accidents!

Driver Training

If you’re a business owner who needs to keep track of your drivers, there are a few ways you can do so. The first method would be through driver training, which provides specific information about important driving rules, laws, and more. Another option would be to install a driver location tracking system in your vehicles, which gives you real-time location information for all of your drivers.

Reduction in Vehicle Misuse

Not only does real-time tracking prevent mileage fraud and speeding, but vehicle tracking also decreases other areas of driver misbehavior. Drivers who know they’re being monitored won’t visit undesirable locations or make personal calls from their cell phones while driving. Further, with geographical location data at your fingertips, you can watch out for sleepy time trips: when drivers drive miles under the speed limit regularly.

Customer Satisfaction

With real-time tracking and monitoring, you can stay updated with where your drivers are. Whether they’re making deliveries or stuck in traffic, you’ll be notified of their locations so that you know if a package will arrive on time. You can also use location tracking to see if your drivers need rest or want to make any stops along their route. This helps ensure that they stay safe and makes them more productive when it comes to getting packages out on time.

Charging Appropriate Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies must monitor your mileage to be able to determine how much your insurance rates should be. There are several ways that your location can be tracked, with GPS being one of them. By charging premiums based on accurate information about how much you drive, companies are more likely to stay profitable.

Telematics Apps that Track Your Drivers

Now that companies understand how important drivers are to their bottom line, they want to make sure their employees are driving safely, being efficient with fuel, and not putting too much wear on company vehicles. Telematics apps will allow you to locate your driver’s location in real-time. These apps use a combination of GPS information from smartphones or other GPS-equipped devices along with satellite tracking technology to determine vehicle location.

Vamosys Driver App

Vamosys, a mobile fleet management company, provides clients with driver location tracking, monitoring, and analytics through its Vamosys Driver App. The app allows drivers to be contacted immediately in case of emergency without calling their dispatchers. The app also sends alerts when they are speeding or have left an area without permission. Additionally, it provides information on events like fuel usage and vehicle maintenance.

Zenroad by Damoov

Zenroad by Damoov takes a proactive approach to your business. Using GPS tracking informs you of your vehicle’s location, speed, driver activity, and fuel consumption. It allows you to receive instant notifications when vehicles deviate from set speeds or routes. Your team can be notified when they leave a designated area or enter a pre-defined zone, giving you valuable insight into their activity. You can also use the platform to monitor driver behaviour and performance with real-time reports. This means that if any of your drivers are speeding, idling for too long, or driving erratically, you will know about it immediately – so you can take action before an accident occurs. Damoov has refined the system to provide you with all these features as well as many more.


This driver tracking app helps you monitor your fleet’s activity in real-time. Simply download Fleetio’s apps onto your drivers’ phones, set up your user account, define your routes and destinations, choose a data plan (either free or paid), then sit back and watch real-time information flow into your dashboard. Whether you want to track real-time vehicle locations via GPS or view live driving speed data, Fleetio has you covered.


The Vimcar fleet management app lets you track your drivers in real-time, check their history, and can give you alerts when they are speeding or using their phones while driving. You can also see all of your vehicles on a map. From setting up your company vehicles to tracking them once they’re on the road, mobile GPS tracking will make managing your business’s fleet as easy as possible.


OptimoRoute allows you to track your vehicles from anywhere in real-time, get performance data that helps you monitor driver habits, utilize geofencing for added security, boost productivity with car-stop reminders, and improve fleet utilization with day planning. To understand how location tracking works for fleets, it’s important to know what fleet management means.

Why Does Your Business Need Driver Tracking

These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything; even apps that help you track your fleet of vehicles. Fortunately, these apps are extremely useful in that they allow you to keep a closer eye on your business’s drivers. Whether you’re tracking a single driver or several at once, these devices can provide your business with extremely valuable data. Accurate information about where each driver has been and when will help you better estimate costs for fuel and other expenses as well as serve as an important tool for training purposes. By installing GPS monitoring systems in company cars, you’ll be able to reduce costs by enabling real-time route optimization without sacrificing the quality of service. This technology also enables real-time alerts if a vehicle deviates from its planned route. In addition, you’ll receive notifications if drivers exceed speed limits or drive recklessly while en route their destinations. All of these features can help ensure that drivers adhere to safety regulations and do not endanger anyone else while on duty. Real-time tracking also allows managers to monitor employee productivity more easily than ever before, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding hiring practices and work schedules so that every employee is working at his or her peak level throughout each day. For all of these reasons and more, it makes sense for businesses everywhere to install driver location tracking devices into their vehicles today!

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