5 Apps That Encourage Safe Driving and Prevent Distractions

Every year, around 3000 deaths happen in the US due to reckless driving. Driving safely is primarily important to ensure the wellbeing of yourself, your family (who trusted you behind the wheel), and definitely fellow drivers who don’t deserve an unfortunate condition due to your mistakes.

Each state has its own set of regulations to curb reckless driving. In most cases, the punishments are severe and include both monetary fines and imprisonment.

Insurance companies too are proactively trying to reward drivers for driving safe by offering discounts on premiums!

Safe driving will thus not just help you save lives, but will also make you richer with time!

We have put together the top 5 apps that are helping drivers drive better and safer.

Top 5 Safe Driving Apps that will make you a better driver

Signal App:

Signal helps you drive safer. It monitors your driving habits and offers personalized feedback to help make you better behind the wheel. Signal, with its recent (optional) feature, CrashAssist can also detect if you’ve been in a crash and send help. Whether you’re around the corner or somewhere across the country, push notifications can alert a loved one that you need help in case of an emergency.


Zenroad is an app that tracks the location and driving information. This data is processed through the Zenroad platform and SDK and generates telematics risk scores, features insights into driver behaviors, driving style, routes, and monitors car crashes. This app can access speed and acceleration data in real-time while the vehicle is in motion.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Android & iOS

Safe driving apps like Zenroad help manage road risks.
Manage road risks and drive responsibly with safe driving apps

TrueMotion Family App:

The TrueMotion Family app puts your family’s driving activity and safety score at your fingertips. Your trips will be scored on a 100-point scale, so you can get some friendly competition going and see to it that it improves over time. The app even detects distracted driving (such as your teen texting while driving), so you know what behaviors to correct.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Android & iOS

EverDrive App:

EverDrive rates you on many aspects of your driving and then gives you a grade to compare with others. It tracks acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and phone use to calculate the EverDrive score. If you ever find yourself distracted while you drive, the app alerts you about how it is affecting your trip and an overall score, so you can do better each time. You can share your scores with friends, family, and even drivers in your neighborhood to see who drives the safest.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Android & iOS

OnMyWay App:

OnMyWay automatically disables apps when you’re moving faster than 10 miles per hour, so you don’t have to worry about distractions. The Bluetooth connectivity and voice command ensures that you keep control without compromising safety. You can still easily make phone calls, use navigation apps, and play music without using your hands. (it functions seamlessly with apps like Google Maps and Spotify).

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Android & iOS


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