We combined Mobile telematics and Bluetooth OBD (ELM327) to reduce the cost of vehicle telematics by 70%

With our vast experience in mobile telematics, we developed an innovation solution that syncs a smartphone with vehicle data using a Bluetooth OBD with ELM327. Driver behavior, location, and vehicle data are automatically collected in background, and combined into a valuable dataset.

Our product overcomes all known Bluetooth OBD pain points, with our SDK capabilities to collect the full set of telematics and vehicle data, without the user/driver needing to open the app to sync the data.

SDK for bluetooth OBD

Why Bluetooth OBD (ELM327)

free service for small fleets

Low cost
(starts from $5)

Our Bluetooth OBD device is more cost-effective than any hardware telematics device. With a combination of smartphone and device sensors, we removed redundant components and created a flexible and highly accurate solution.

Telematics data

Simple customs requirements

Because Bluetooth OBD doesn't need GSM and GPS modules, it simplifies and streamlines data imports. In most countries, apart from customs paperwork, there isn’t the need for certificates or licenses to import these devices.

contactless telematics

No telecom (m2m) cost

The Bluetooth OBD device transfers data via the user's smartphone. Since it consumes about 50 MB per month, it easily fits into any existing data plan without any consequences.

Easy to Manage and Maintain

Manage data collection easily through the SDK. No need to develop hardware or firmware, even when making significant changes. Benefit from full access to over 135 data items with one click.


with any OBD ports

No need to worry where this will go. The Bluetooth OBD is tiny, and compatible with any OBD ports, so you don’t need extender cables either.

Global driving telematics

Worldwide Coverage

Wherever you drive, the OBD can come along the journey. No need to configure anything, or worry about licenses, or engage with local telecoms providers.

How it works

Step 1

damoov connected car

Plugin the OBD device
into the car

Step 2


Register Bluetooth OBD in your telematics app

Step 3

Mobile telematics company

SDK automatically retrieves data

Step 4

Fleet management platform device

SDK transfers data to the platform

Why our product is unique

Tracking app

70% cheaper than traditional telematics

Compared to traditional OBD and other telematics devices, our Telematics SDK and Bluetooth OBD ELM327 is 70% cheaper. With an average price of $15.00 (with no additional device related costs), you benefit from highly accurate driving behaviour, Location, and vehicle data, and other telematics data.

SDK to tracking

Persistent data

With traditional Bluetooth OBDs, data needs to be synced manually, causing inconsistencies. Our solution is win-win for companies and drivers, solving this syncing issue. Our SDK automatically receives data from the device and provides data snapshots every 5-minutes.

bluetooth obd

Device agnostic

Our SDK automatically transfers data from any integrated ELM devices. We already support 80% of Bluetooth OBDs; your device is likely already covered and integrated, and if not, we can change that easily, to ensure you don’t need to buy a new device.

automatics tracking


Drivers don’t need to take action to ensure data is synced automatically. As soon as the driver is using the car and OBD is connected with the app (as easy as a Bluetooth connection), the SDK will automatically connect and sync vehicle data.

SDK for fleet management

Point data to your platform

Forward vehicle data towards multiple endpoints, including fleet management systems, telematics, and other third-party platforms.

embedded telematics

On-demand data processing

We work with our clients to help them understand telematics data. If you want to get a trip assessment, vehicle analytics, and use all the features of our analytical platform, it can be activated through the DataHub, or connected with another platform.

Telematics device

Available data
from vehicle

Available data
from Smartphone