We provide mobile telematics as a service to power tracking services inside 3rd party mobile applications to collect, process and analyze driving data. Our proprietary solution turns any smartphone into a powerful tracking device. No telematics-device is required.

How it works

Drive and Earn

Using Drivecoins mechanism we convert user driving statistics data into points. There are 3 main types of driving statistics data:

Each type of driving statistics data can be converted into its own token, like safe-driving token, eco-driving token, etc. Our clients can enjoy our existing tokens and use them in the projects or create their own tokens and connect them to the telematics with ease.

Drive and Spend

Driver engagement is a critical point for any telematics product regardless wether it a consumer product, like insurance or driver education, of product for fleet companies. Turn your operations into a game. To bring the full gaming experience, we provide a service that calculates virtual car expenses:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Regular maintenance
  • Brakes & Tires life
  • Additional expenses

All expenses are calculated based on driving performance and mode of car usage including driving behaviors.

Use our existing tokens
or Bring yours

We support any 3rd party tokens launched on Solana or NEAR protocols, more blockchain platforms coming soon.

Contact our support team to add any 3rd party tokens to your telematics project.

Transfer earned tokens to your digital wallet

Once drivers have a positive balance of drivecoins they can transfer it to their digital wallets.

How it Integrate

Configure Drivecoins

You can set up flexible rules on how DriveCoins will be calculated. The rule includes a list of filters (start date, minimum distance, and others) and parameters value (coins for mileage without incidents, etc.)

Besides that, you can apply a daily CAP on a number of drivecoins.

Connect to API

Apart from our standard set of APIs, we provide API methods to manage Drivetokens, that includes:

* Collect earned coins and transfer them to the Damoov Wallet
* Get balance
* Add Tokens
* Burn Tokens
* Transfer tokens to a wallet

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    "successfully": true,
    "message": "Successful transfer 31 tokens",
    "senderTokenAccountPubKey": "4s4ADfdao671En5ajG6Cz1x3vfaFCPx2BZ1jQFHLiecU",
    "recipientPubKey": "4GmrKux2MQiNZSyoo7eABCUvYjSXRRZKGDaEBBvCW8So",
    "recipientTokenAccountPubKey": "B6TkVmYZiL2DCtxvfn855vQKYC9wdYLCQxw1dXVrwm5e",
    "transferredAmount": 31,
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