Turn on Safe driving assessment in your mobile app

Apply advanced analytics to your drivers by adding the Telematics SDK to your mobile application. We provide a powerful scoring model that boasts the highest predictive value. It allows you to determine the segment of the most responsible drivers who have lower road accidents and those who have irresponsible driving and increase the risk of road accidents. of the least responsible ones. What’s more, those drivers who use telematics are reported to be 47% less loss-making than other drivers.

Select those parameters that are important to your business and geography

Driving factors

Scoring model factors

Common factors
Additional factors

Driving behavior analysis provides powerful insights into existing driver segments

UBI telematics

Example of driver patterns

  • Rare phone usage
  • A small number of driving incidents
  • Compliance with speed limits

Safe drivers have almost 5 times fewer road accidents than an average driver. Even among young drivers.

The way how you drive reflects on the risk of accident frequency. In accordance with the latest research, driving behaviors are manageable. Regular and proper interactions with drivers can improve driver behavior and reduce the risk of accidents. But, not all interactions lead to the same result. Insurance companies can and safe driving schools can use this knowledge to provide drivers with a better experience and new products as a UBI (Usage-based insurance) and digital driving coach.

Telematics for young drivers

The product supports different periods of observation - from one month to a constant monitoring

Safe scorecard observation period
From the risk assessment point of view, one month is a sufficient period to collect the necessary amount of information and reach steady results in safe driving assessment.
However, driving style changes over time. This can be influenced by a change in social status, location, work, and other factors. So, we recommend our clients to keep monitoring active from time to time