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Zenroad safe driving app


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Location tracking and safe driving app

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Free tracking and safe-driving app to collect location, driving style, driving behaviors, driving patterns, lifestyle patterns, vehicle data, and monitor car crashes. Initially, this app has been designed to showcase telematics SDK and Platform capabilities.

We have unlocked the source-code of ZenRoad – our flagman driving monitoring app – to help community create products that improve driver safety and efficiency as well as create a new experience for car lovers

ZenRoad is more advance than any existing vehicle logbook app, mileage tracker, insurance app, driving behavior tracker, trip log app, vehicle logger, tracker app, driving app, app telematics, etc.

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Full function driving monitoring mobile app

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We respect data privacy and follow personal data protection regulations. That is why using the open-source telematics app you have an option to manage the personal data of the app users and host it in a region that is suitable for you.

The app is integrated with Google Firebase. Use this service for Authentication and personal data hosting.

Open-source safe-driving app
Telematics data



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> Europe (Default))
> Any region (Data export option)


Based on requirements, we provide a full set of data management services including storage (short-term and long-term). However, we also support flexible data management options, where the client has option to export data to own server at any moment.

Powerful solution
driven by Damoov telematics suite

Driver monitoring app

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Who can benefit from using the tracking and safe-driving app

Taxi and cab services

In the Cab service business, the telematics app allows users to allot the nearest cab when customers book online automatically. Without Mobile telematics, efficient and optimal use of the fleet is not possible. It can also help In field-based service businesses such as on the spot car repair or car breakdown assistance business.

School buses

Parents usually wait at the stop for the school bus and care about kids’ safety. With the telematics SDK integrated inside the school mobile application, parents can exactly know where the bus is, how safely it is driven, and accordingly reach the stop within time without being too early or too late.

Tour and Travels

Tours and travel agencies operate huge numbers of vehicles and take responsibility for tourists’ safety. Tracking them with mobile telematics technology can help in maintaining the punctuality of the vehicles and overall road and trip safety. Automatic alerts about the detected crash and real-time location can be sent.

Food delivery

The businesses can track their delivery agents, delivery vans, bikes, etc. in real-time with tracking solutions inside their own mobile applications.
It helps in allocating the nearest delivery agent to the location and deliver product and services on-time, Safely and on budget. Timely deliveries keep food fresh and increase positive ratings.


Tracking software helps e-commerce companies in real-time monitoring of shipments, optimizing routes for deliveries, and on-time delivery. It also enhances the customer experience by providing them visibility of estimated time of arrival.

How to start

telematics data portal

Register a developer workspace

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Set up a product configuration

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Integration guides


This Telematics App is developed by Damoov and is distributed free of charge. This app can be used to create your own telematics, tracking, driving monitoring or safe-driving app for Android and iOS in few steps.

Available telematics components

Basic concepts & credentials

  1. Create an account 
    and get InstanceId and InstanceKey auth keys to work with the telematics SDK & APIs. => How to obtain InsanceId & InstanceKey

  2. Additionally, to authenticate users in your app and store users data, you need to create a firebase account: All user data will be stored in the Firebase© Realtime Database, which will allow you to create an app users database without programming skills.

Open-source telematics app for Android

Available features

Setup TelematicsApp Configuration

In file AppConfig.kt you can specify the basic settings for your app. To use your unique applicationId for your application, change applicationIdPrefix and name:
const val applicationIdPrefix = “com.your_application_prefix”
private const val name = “your_application_name”

Open-source telematics app for iOS

Setup Telematics App Configuration.plist file
Open our Telematics App source code by tapping TelematicsApp.xcworkspace file.  For your convenience, we have created a standard iOS file with parameters named Configuration.plist, where you can specify the basic settings for your future app. Using this file, you can configure the basic parameters of your application by specifying server addresses, basic settings and links, as well as specifying several images for an individual design. Carefully study the parameters provided below for further work.

tax deduction

mileage log

tracks miles

gps tracking system

Available features


Yes, you can differentiate between shift and non-shift work for trips. It can be done by two ways: 
There are 3 options to differentiate business/personal driving and different vehicles: 
  1. Automatic: it requires an additional device – Bluetooth tag. The app will mark a trip with a tag ID that is linked to the vehicle.
  2. Scheduled: Set a schedule and SDK will track on-duty trips only.
  3. Manual or via API: apply tags.

The app collects standard telematics events: Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Speeding, distracted driving/ phone usage; as well as all corresponding statistics: Mileage, time of driving, frequency of driving, etc. 

Also, the app provides safe-driving score that can be configured based on market specific, Eco-driving score, DriveCoins and Streaks, Leaderboards etc.

Yes, the events sensitivity as well as safe-driving score can be configured. Moreover, different users in a single mobile app can have different events and score configurations. Read more about our architecture and the existing safe-driving model here:

We have several callbacks that provide a real-time notification about incidents, for example driving at a high speed, etc, but based on our latest research conducted with Wharton university and JD Power, we do not recommend using real-time notification. It distracts drivers and harms safe driving.

A driver can suppress the app, however, we provide the full set of monitoring services that provide information including a real-time back-end notification about manipulations with app permissions.

We provide the telematics DataHub. It is a web portal where you can manage telematics products, work with data and trips, and manage drivers.

There is a special dashboard in DataHub that allows an administrator to monitor app status and inform in case if it was suppressed without approval. Also, this information is available via APIs.


Each API method has a parameter, and all trip data or statistics can be easily designated as business or non-business.

It based on product configuration. we support instant data export, short-term storage and long-term storage.

Trip recording starts automatically, the driver doesn’t need to open the app or press any buttons. we recognize the driving activities via smartphone sensors and recording trips in background.

But we also provide options for manual trip start, or start by Bluetooth tag.

Still have questions? 

We are glad to assist you in launching telematics app. Please grab the time slot that works best for you.