Best Logbook & Mileage Tracking Apps in 2022

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Logbook & Mileage Tracking Apps

Best Logbook & Mileage Tracking Apps in 2024

Mileage logbooks and mileage tracking apps have been around for years and have proven to be valuable tools when it comes to keeping track of your car’s maintenance and necessary repairs over time. There are some great features in these apps that make them much more versatile than their paper counterparts, especially when you’re trying to budget or plan major vehicle maintenance at the right time each year. Here’s a breakdown of the best mileage logbooks and mileage tracking apps in 2024, so you can make an informed decision regarding which app is right for you.


If you are a fleet owner and want a comprehensive solution, Zenroad can help. With options for asset tracking (through GPS or via barcode scanning), mileage logs, driver time recording, trip-management tools, and more. Zenroad offers a complete suite of solutions to keep your business running smoothly.  The main draw is that Zenroad has both an iOS app and an Android app so drivers can record their trips while on the go. The basic version is free with some premium features available at a cost.

Zenroad lets you track driving metrics and even allows for safe driving competition between co-workers or teammates. You can compare your stats with other drivers, plan trips ahead of time, automatically record stops to keep track of fuel costs, and get notifications about key events such as speeding. With real-time features for traffic reports, roadside assistance, and car diagnostics, you will always be connected to safety support on your long commutes.

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To have a logbook app is great, but it’s not enough to just have one. You also need to be sure you’re tracking your miles correctly. You can use an app like Motive (formerly known as Keep Trucking), to automatically and securely manage your mileage logs. These applications are designed specifically for professional drivers who want to increase their accountability and efficiency, as well as control their vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption. Better yet, there are options out there which allow you to track your miles with ease and convenience: at a glance, you can see how much time and money you’ve saved on every trip!


The Fleet Solution is a valuable tool for small businesses. Companies with several drivers and vehicles need to keep accurate records of usage, ensuring that all vehicles are being used effectively and efficiently. If a driver is using one car too much, then it’s costing their company more money than it needs to, especially if another car sits idly at home due to lack of availability. A logbook app like LogbookMe can make tracking mileage very simple. You can track mileage quickly by connecting your accounts with Google Drive or Dropbox. Once your data is transferred, you’ll be able to track your expenses as well as see which vehicles have been underutilized and which ones have been used most frequently over time. It also allows you to view vehicle history reports so you can compare miles driven between two different dates or locations. You’ll even be able to export data into Excel spreadsheets or CSV files!


Many companies are looking for options that give their drivers better real-time visibility into what’s happening in their fleet. For example, GOFAR is a cloud-based fleet solution and logbook app. It helps fleet managers create routes, manage and monitor driver locations, send alerts to drivers, and more. Using it with mobile devices—iOS or Android—helps drivers record work hours on-the-go. Drivers can clock time in at each location where they pick up or drop off passengers. On top of that, drivers can track miles driven during particular assignments to calculate taxes and have all their records available from one easy dashboard view.

Azuga FleetMobile

Azuga FleetMobile is a cloud-based fleet solution that helps you manage drivers, vehicles, and work orders through all of your locations. Azuga’s service works with most vehicles and any driver, meaning you don’t have to invest in new hardware or keep track of large amounts of paper records. The software provides comprehensive mileage logs, allowing you to gather data on vehicle maintenance, driver hours, fuel costs, and more. Azuga includes multiple advanced features that allow you to set up custom trip reports and analytics so you can optimize your routes and make informed decisions about how to improve your business based on real-time data. All of these options are neatly organized in one central dashboard where you can quickly assess performance across all aspects of your fleet’s activities.

Build your Own Mileage Tracking App Using Telematics SDKs

Instead of building your mileage tracking app, consider using a telematics solution. The telematics industry is growing and as a result, so are telematics SDKs (software development kits). Today, you can find an open-source library or boilerplate that handles everything from GPS and location tracking to OBD2 diagnostics—allowing you to easily add functionality like keyless entry, locking/unlocking, remote starting, speed alerts/limiting, text message alerts, and more.

Trip recording is a smart way to streamline your business; by integrating trip recording software into your existing mobile apps, you not only gain valuable insight into how customers use your product or service but also provide an additional feature that strengthens customer loyalty. Companies like UPS and Uber are already using trip recording tools, so it’s important to keep up with what other leaders in your industry are doing. There are many different ways to log trips via Damoov Mobile SDKs and and Telematics APIs. We encourage entrepreneurs to choose one that makes sense for their particular industry.

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