You don’t want to spend time on integration or your existing app is html-based app that doesn’t support native SDK. The Ghost app is what you need. 

Manage and customize from anywhere

Mobile applications

Incl. HTML-based or specific framework-based apps


Or any interfaces where you can embed URL links


... notes, text files, text editors, and from anywhere else

Try how it works

What is it used for?

The app enables companies to enjoy tracking capabilities even if they do not have the capabilities to integrate the Telematics SDK into their own mobile application or the existing mobile app doesn’t support native mobile SDK (HTML-based mobile apps). The app is managed by deeplinks that call in-built methods and allow you to fully manage the app.

Available methods

How to work with data


The ghost app provides unlimited access to data via back-end services as well as the rest our products. You will get the same product service as you can get with SDK or our open-source app


To keep the app simple, it doesn’t have any in-app dashboards or lists of trips. However, drivers can get data either from Telegram bot, emails, or reports provided by supervisors.