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How your drivers use corporate cars, particularly driving style and mode of car usage, directly impacts the company expenses. If you take two drivers who drive the same car differently, you will be surprised how different the total cost of ownership. We provide a telematics suite that enables you to track, monitor, and manage driver efficiency. Our clients report a 25% improvement in fuel consumption

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Four important numbers


fuel consumption


residual value


maintenance cost


Drivers improved driving behaviours

Translate driving behavior language into parameters familiar to drivers

Telematics fuel consumtion

Fuel consumption

For every 3ml you go over 60, fuel efficiency drops by 10%. Driving 75 on the highway instead of 60 is like paying 20% extra for gas.

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Brakes life

Accelerate smoothly and avoid hard braking by leaving room between your car and the one in front. These simple steps extend brakes life by 25%

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Tires life

Agressive starts from one stoplight to the next save only 2.5 minutes an hour, but reduce tire life by 27%.


Depriciation cost

Drivers who learn to adjust their driving behaviors can increase the residual value of their cars by 15%

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Wide range of data delivery options.