Leverage Mobile Telematics suite to unlock new horizons for existing products and create new services

The program has been designed for companies at any single stage. Mobile Telematics brings a new way of thinking in smart product creation. It has a tremendous amount of advantages over hardware telematics devices and GPS trackers.

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We power mobile telematics inside 3rd party products

Fleet management

Fleet management

Make sure your platform can be used by all types of transportation, including scooters and bikes. Mobile telematics from Damoov leverages a driver's / rider's smartphone and broadcast real-time telematics data to your platform with no-coding

Software developers

Telematics service

If your company specializes in telematics services, the time is ripe to set yourself up to the next level. Boost your market coverage and cut down expenses using our white-lebel mobile telematics platform.

Connected car

Connected car

Treat your end customers better by providing them with more personalized services. White-label telematics platform is a boon that you need to analyze comprehensive data and expand your product range.

Damoov helps you create IoT-driven products

Bluetooth OBD

Telematics device

Our Telematics SDK will make work with BLE OBD easy. It powers at any app functions of a Self-connection to any BLE OBD, automatic data collection, and transfer to any platform. Your clients will enjoy how quickly and easily use your device with any mobile application.

API for drivers

Software development companies

Struggling with creating a driver monitoring mobile app? or Insurtech product? Our Suite of Mobile Telematics powers telematics inside 3rd party mobile applications. it reduces time to market from years to a day and ongoing R&D and maintenance fees by 70%.

Telematics for integrators

IT Integrators and Consultants

Customers don’t like one-size-fits-all products. Neither do we. With our Telematics suite, you will be able to provide your clients with advanced driver monitoring and behaviour-driven product and create tailor-made solutions as well as earn recurring revenue.

Telematics suite

Whether you’re planning on coming up with a new product, or you want to expand your current range of services, we’ve got you covered. Take advantage of mobile telematics and give your customers more than what they expect.
Telematics SDK

If you have your own app, our SDK will fit the bill. It is designed to be flawlessly embedded into your product, transforming it into a data-driven telematics app.

Available features:
API for drivers

We power a fully integrated mobile telematics platform and provide a wide range of API services to work with Data, consume services and manage the product.

Available features:
telematics data platform


Our platform contains advanced algorithms to enhance smartphone sensors data. It perfectly works with high-end smartphone data as well as cheap smartphones with a limited set of sensors. AI Models make the basis of our platform to support modular data processing workflow, flexible configuration and complex algorithms and processed to make sense of smartphone sensors data



If you are eager to digitize your services but don’t have a team of developers, our white-label technology is for you. Be sure to end up having a customized telematics app that can be further marketed under your company’s name. It will be compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing you to meet the needs of your customers in full.

Our white-label app can be used for:


Damoov is proud of serving businesses worldwide. Our SDK and telematics solutions for specific mobile apps are without equal in what they offer you:

Global support

There are no location limits to the coverage of our products. You can use them wherever you are at the moment and rest assured that our support team is always here for help.

Ready to use

Once our library is turned into a part of your app, it gets in sync with available smartphone sensors immediately. It is enabled without human control shortly after a driving pattern occurs.


We spare you the trouble of modifying technologies to adapt them to your existing app. As our SDK is a mobile software library, it is easily embedded, so you don’t have to bother.

AI & Data-driven

Gone are the days when AI technologies and telematics were something from a world of make-believe. We make them accessible, enabling you to develop a competitive edge.


Optimize your business operations using game-changing telematics products. Our technologies will help you leverage existing assets so that they yield substantial profits regularly.

New revenue

With our mobile solutions, you will be able to keep up with the latest digitalization trends in your niche and, thus, monetize your products and services for years to come.

Access to the insurtech

There’s hardly any niche that is transforming at a more blistering pace than the insurance industry. With us, nothing will stop you from making your presence felt in insurtech.

Highly scalable products

Our SDK and data analysis platform can be tailored to the needs of your business. You will be in a position to offer your customers more personalized experiences in anything from insurance plans to driver solutions and fleet usage.

Telematics case study

So far, Damoov has helped a profusion of businesses scale themselves up. If you want to be among them, you may find additional information on our cases useful.

Hardware telematics provider

One of the established leaders in hardware telematics has successfully implemented our white-label mobile technologies to switch to a more customer-centered way of doing business. Now the insurance company can engage its policyholders and offer them more customized experiences.

Fleet management

A big-name logistics company has turned to Damoov to have a deep insight into fleet management. We’ve been dedicated to scrutinizing the provided data on driving patterns, risks, covered routes, vehicle usage & utilization to deliver in-depth dynamic reports


Connected car platform

Damoov provides a white label smartphone telematics solution to one of the global hardware telematics leader. The product allows our partner customers launch seamless product when insurance companies engage customers with mobile telematics app and then convert them to hardware telematics.

Software developer

It has never been easier for app developers to improve their products. Those who make use of our mobile telematics SDK can substantially upgrade and customize their apps to provide their customers with revolutionary data-driven products based on users’ behaviors, lifestyles, preferences, etc.