Turn a driver smartphone into a location tracker for your fleet platform

Out Telematics SDK is able to broadcast telematics data in real-time like a GPS tracker. Having a dynamic IoT protocol, SDK supports seamless integration with almost all fleet management or dispatch platforms. SDK sends data to your fleet platform in recognizable protocol and acts as a smart location tracker. No-coding required.

Vehicle tracking

Product features

live location tracker

Connect the Telematics SDK as GPS tracker with your transportation or dispatch platform

Send data in a compatible protocol to your fleet management platform

Telematics SDK with direct data access

Connect the SDK with your fleet platform through 3rd party IoT hubs

telematics sdk configuration

The telematics SDK supports a seamless integration through comparable hardware protocols. It works as a real-time location tracker.

Connect SDK with any platform through 3rd party IoT hub

Connect the Telematics SDK and Flespi

Today, our clients can connect the telematics SDK to any transportation platform through Flespi – IoT hub. We are working on connecting more options. They will be available soon.

IMEI configuration

Generate IMEI number

The platform generates a virtual International Mobile Equipment Identity for your virtual telematics device. Use this number in your fleet management platform as an identifier.

Point data to your Fleet platform

All settings will be delivered to the Telematics SDK automatically, and the data will go directly to the configured endpoint bypassing our platform. It works exactly as telematics device.

Telematics device settings
GPS tracker settings

Configure the location tracker

Manage the frequency of data collection for driving and other types of activities as well as package size and the SDK sensitivity.

Empower every mobile app with advanced tracking solutions and powerful insights

And provide fully integrated suite of mobile telematics