Apps for Monitoring the Driving of New Teen drivers

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Teen Driving Monitoring Apps

Apps for Monitoring the Driving of New Teen Drivers

Getting a driver’s license and enjoying being behind the wheels for the first time is a memorable moment for every teenager. However, for parents, it may become a source of intense tension and worries as driving, until learned properly, carries a lot of associated risks

Thanks to technological advancements – with the help of telematics, parents can now help their children drive safely! There are several mobile apps that can help you track your child’s driving behaviors without compromising their privacy.

Check out this exclusive list of 8 fantastic teenage driving monitoring apps that you can download to protect your beloved teen drivers remotely. Let’s delve deeper! 

Teen Driving Monitoring Apps
Teen Driving Monitoring Apps

Zenroad App: Empowering Teen Drivers

Zenroad distinguishes itself as an essential app for monitoring teen driving habits, utilizing advanced telematics to enhance road safety. It provides real-time feedback on key driving behaviors, such as speed, acceleration, and braking, helping teens refine their driving skills.

Unique to Zenroad is its ability to calculate telematics risk scores, offering insightful data on safe driving practices. Additionally, its crash detection feature promptly alerts parents in case of an incident, ensuring swift action can be taken.

This app not only aids in developing responsible driving habits early on but also grants parents peace of mind by keeping them informed about their teen’s road safety. Zenroad is a holistic tool that fosters a culture of safety and responsibility for young drivers.

Test how your teens are driving

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

TrueMotion Family is available for both Android and iOS. This is an efficient app to track teenagers driving. TrueMotion Family gives you a complete picture of each driver’s driving habits and abilities. This free mobile app can track phone usage, speeding, texting, and dangerous activities while driving. This intelligent tracker allows you to rank each driver by their scores, creating a sense of competition and compelling your teens to become the safest driver. 

TrueMotion’s full suite of features encourages young drivers to become more aware of their habits on the road, which results in increased safety. Its innovative features include distracted driving detection, location awareness, family engagement, and on-demand roadside assistance. 


When it comes to monitoring your teen’s driving, RoadReady can do the job perfectly. This teen driving app logs teen driving practice during the learners permit phase. The interface is user-friendly, making tracking easy for both you and your children. It ensures that your teens hold adequate experience behind the wheel in various situations before they get their hands dirty with independent driving

The app is a component of the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, and it tracks your teen’s driving time, weather conditions, etc. Besides, you can download and print a digital driving curriculum from RoadReady’s official website. The application is available for both Android and iOS. 


FamiSafe has already covered the different degrees of parental monitoring, and its all-new driving tracking feature has added more to its usefulness. It helps parents track how their teens drive.

FamiSafe’s teen driving app revolves around the objective of assisting your teen in developing a good driving habit that protects your teenagers’ safety and improves the safety of other passengers and drivers around them. Its exclusive driving reports let you check the highest speed, total driving distance, average speed, overspeeding, driving time, and the number of hard breaks while driving

You can use this report to point out the areas that need to be improved and review the performance of each trip that your children take. Additionally, it helps your children to get ready for different driving conditions. With its out-of-the-box features, FamiSafe also allows parents to track their kids’ real-time location, set up a specific zone, and get notified when their kids leave or enter the area (Geofences) and check where their kids have been in the day (location history).

Life Saver

LifeSaver is one of the most useful driving apps for teensThe key feature of LifeSaver is that it locks the devices, preventing you from making calls or texting while driving upon detecting motion. Besides, this app sends automatic alerts to connected devices related to location and speed. It maintains a report on the driving summary, and you can request the app to deliver data whenever required. The app comes with a $5-10 monthly subscription fee based on the service scheme you choose. 

Mama Bear

Teen drivers tend to text a lot when they are behind the wheels, and needless to say, it’s one of the biggest distractions for driving. The Mama Bear teen driving app offers a text monitoring service that alerts parents whenever their kid texts while driving. Besides, Mama Bear lets you set speed limits for your kid, and when they exceed the set limit, it alerts you of the same.

The app is equipped with an array of features, including arrival and departure notifications, location tracking, etc. You can use Mama bear on both Android and iOS, and it comes in both free and paid versions.

Life 360

Life 360 has earned immense popularity as one of the most efficient teen driving monitoring apps. It provides you with a detailed driver report that includes risky behaviors, rough acceleration, hard braking, etc. It also features crash detection that intimates parents about any unwanted incident. The app is available for iOS and Android, and it features a paid and free version. Though the monthly plans of Life 360 may look a bit pricey, they are worth it. 


Also known as Safe Driving Coach, the DriveScribe app allows you to monitor your teens’ driving habits, and it rewards your kids for learning sensible driving etiquette. Upon completing each trip, the app assigns drivers a safe driving score, and these points can be later accumulated and redeemed for Amazon or similar gift cards. The app is available for iOS and Android, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to leverage its unique benefits. 

Protect your Teen Driver Today with Telematics Based Driving Monitoring Apps

The driving apps for teens listed above are nothing short of miraculous, harnessing the power of telematics to safeguard your children from the perils of inexperienced and hazardous driving. It’s fair to say that telematics has been a revolutionary force, demonstrating its profound impact right from its early days. By collecting data through the Internet of Things (IoT) and processing this information, telematics transforms raw data into actionable insights.

Telematics goes beyond basic monitoring; it’s a sophisticated blend of telecommunications and information technology. Its real-time intelligence allows for the efficient tracking and management of speed, curbing aggressive driving behaviors, and upholding vehicle performance. This technology doesn’t just offer a window into how teens drive; it opens the door to two very significant areas: telematics insurance and eco-driving.

Telematics Insurance: A New Horizon for Drivers

Telematics insurance, often termed ‘usage-based insurance,’ tailors premiums based on driving behavior, rewarding safe driving with lower costs. This innovative insurance model uses telematics data to assess risk more accurately, encouraging drivers, especially impressionable teens, to adopt safer driving habits. For parents, this means not only ensuring their children’s safety but potentially reducing insurance premiums, making it a financially savvy choice. Telematics insurance represents a win-win for insurance companies and families alike, promoting a safer driving environment while aligning insurance costs more closely with actual driving behavior.

Eco-Driving: Steering Towards a Greener Future

Eco-driving, another crucial aspect facilitated by telematics, focuses on driving in a way that reduces fuel consumption and minimizes environmental impact. By analyzing telematics data such as speed patterns, idling times, and acceleration behaviors, eco-driving applications provide feedback that helps drivers adopt more fuel-efficient driving habits. For teen drivers, learning eco-driving principles early on not only contributes to safer roads but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility. It demonstrates how small changes in driving style can lead to significant savings on fuel and a reduction in carbon footprint, aligning with broader goals of sustainability and environmental protection.

Turning to telematics enables parents to guide their children toward mastering the art of safe and sustainable driving. By incorporating telematics insurance and eco-driving into the fabric of teen driving education, we can foster a generation of drivers who are not only safer but also more environmentally conscious. Telematics thus stands as a cornerstone of modern driving, offering a path to safer, more cost-effective, and greener driving experiences.

Test how your teens are driving

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