What is Telematics

The origin of the word ‘telematics’ comes from the French word télématique which was first used in a 1978 report by Simon Nora & Alain Minc. It was a blend of the French words télécommunications (meaning Telecommunications) and informatique (meaning Computer Science).

It is the combination of Telecommunication & Computer Science(Informatics). Telecommunication devices (such as GPS or Mobile Phones) are used to collect data and then the data is stored, processed, and analyzed using Informatics. 

To understand better let’s consider a very simple example. A GPS collects data about the position of the connected object (e.g. A car). This position data is analyzed by use of informatics to identify various metrics, such as speed of car or rate of acceleration. 

Most of the top applications of telematics are related to automotives. However, in recent years, industries such as insurance are increasingly depending on telematics to create smarter products

In 2018, the Global Automotive market size was estimated at $50.4 Billion. It is expected to reach $320.6 Billion by 2026. 

Create smart products and implement them all over the world by using innovative telematics technologies.
Leading Telematics Companies Around The Globe

Top Telematics Companies in 2022

The Telematics companies in 2022 can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Hybrid Telematics Solution Providers use a combination of hardware and software to create their Telematics solutions. The hardware is a telecommunication device used for collecting data, while the software is the program used by the device to process and analyze the collected data.

  • Application Specific Telematics Software providers 

Application-specific telematics provides solutions for specific applications like fleet management. Application-specific telematics are designed to meet the particular requirements of each application. 

Telematics data API solutions store, process, and analyze data. These APIs are used for building custom Telematics Applications. The telematics data is valuable information that can be used in various applications to provide enhanced services to customers.

Top Hybrid Telematics Solution Providers


Arvento provides hardware and software solutions for fleet telematics, industrial monitoring, person and asset tracking applications. Their hardware tracking system, Treyki Mini comes with a GPS that can be used for tracking and monitoring children, elderly, pets, and valuable assets.

Besides providing the tracking system, Arvento also offers comprehensive web-based enterprise software solutions for smartphones, desktops, and tablets with a 9-language option.


IntelliShift is a fleet management platform that connects your people, processes, vehicles, equipment, and data in one place.

The IntelliShift platform is built for fleets of 50 or more vehicles and assets.

It offers an all-in-one solution that comes with hardware systems like AI Video dash cams, telematics, GPS tracking, digital inspections, as well as the software that processes data such as ELD Logbook, route management, fuel management, driver safety, compliance, and ops intelligence.

Atlanta Telematics:

Atlanta telematics provides an end-to-end fleet management solution with a digital dashboard that can be personalized as per your fleet and its needs. The digital dashboard gives you access to real-time like live tracking, a fuel sensor, and alert features tracked by their vehicle tracking device.


Linxup helps you to identify each asset’s location and live movements, making geofencing capabilities possible. You can schedule the maintenance of your assets and make sure they are on the road as much as possible. Linxup identifies unsafe driving habits and fuel wasters such as excessive speeding, allowing you to improve productivity and avoid wasted time.

With their GPS and Dash Cams, Linxup helps you assess driver behavior and makes your fleet management service more efficient. Being able to keep a close eye on your fleet will let you dispatch your vehicles with ease as well as send clear ETAs to clients. These services help reduce costs and make your business more profitable.


With a seamlessly integrated telematics solution with GPS hardware that can easily integrate with other fleet management software, Fleetio makes it easy to manage your fleet. You’ll get updated daily odometer readings and real-time vehicle location tracking with alerts, fault codes, and diagnostics – all instantly accessible. Fleetio helps improve productivity and makes sure your vehicles are on the road more often and driven safely with complete driver profile visibility – all on one screen.

Top Application Specification Telematics Software


The intelligent data platform helps fleet owners improve their efficiency, safety and make smart and better decisions in a cost-effective & flexible way.

Fleetx uses AI and machine learning to analyze the data gathered by sensors on vehicles and other sources to provide insights and predictions.


Loconav offers a single platform software for fleet management that lets you have full visibility over your vehicles and be able to access a multitude of details about each one from anywhere. You’ll get real-time updates on where your vehicles are located, and you’ll be able to view data reports which can help you make better decisions about how to use them.

Top Telematics Data API Providers


Damoov offers an API service that lets you manage products and access driving insights. The data is collected via their telematics SDK, which then processes the data on their very own data management platform. The platform is flexible and lets you pick steps that are necessary for your product.

Cambridge Telematics:

Cambridge Telematics offers accurate sensor data to assess driver behavior insights. It automatically records the trips and assesses the data and displays all the trip details on their app. Additionally, this API can also differentiate between a driver and a passenger, and is capable of measuring risky events (such as phone distraction).

TrueMotion (acquired by Cambridge Telematics):

TrueMotion provides a leading smartphone driving API service. Powered by machine learning, the API evaluates drivers’ behaviors and driving patterns behind the wheel and detects crashes. This technology makes it possible for drivers to get feedback about their driving habits and make the necessary improvements in orderto reduce distractions, keep loved ones safer on the road, and lower the insurance rates.


Netradyne’s API uses computer vision, Edge Computing, SLAM, and crowd-sourcing to deliver real-time driving insights. Netradyne’s API can help assess data and quickly identify opportunities or gaps to improve safety and optimize your fleet operations.

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