Revolutionize your mobile apps with our seamless telematics integration. Harness the power of driving data analytics without needing an external device—just a smartphone is all it takes.

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Revolutionizing Mobile App Telematics

Transform any mobile app with elite tracking solutions and unparalleled insights.

Trip Journal
white label tracking app

Effortlessly pinpoint the beginning and culmination of each journey. Our comprehensive log not only captures location chronicles and key statistics but also delves into intricate details, spotlighting trip events and essential waypoints.

behavior insights

Dive deep into the heart of every drive with our advanced analytics. We transform raw data into a vivid portrayal of driving patterns, identifying habits that may go unnoticed. Whether it's a subtle change in acceleration, a frequent hard brake, or consistent over-speeding, our platform illuminates these behaviors, offering invaluable insights. This not only promotes safer driving practices but also fosters an understanding of individual driver profiles. With Damoov, you're not just observing the journey; you're understanding the driver.

In today’s fast-paced world, driving safety stands paramount. We offer a sophisticated scoring model, trusted by insurance and transportation magnates worldwide. Our Risk Driving Model meticulously categorizes drivers based on collision risks and actively curbs distracted driving. By scrutinizing both driving patterns and the context behind each event, we offer a holistic view of on-road behavior. Coupled with defensive driving suggestions and consistent feedback, our system is tailor-made for diverse applications – from usage-based insurance models to driving schools, family safety, corporate fleets, and automotive manufacturers. With Damoov, empower every drive with safety at its core.

Damoov takes the wheel in driving sustainability. Using advanced data analysis, we evaluate driving behaviors and their implications on the total cost of ownership. From fuel consumption to brake utilization, we provide a comprehensive picture without relying on in-vehicle data.

Understanding the nexus between driving behavior and ownership costs, we offer insights that empower fleet owners and individual drivers. Our goal is to minimize driving expenses, reduce environmental impact, and enhance fleet performance. With Damoov’s Eco-Driving insights, pave the way for a more efficient and eco-conscious journey.

Step into a world where geographical data becomes a canvas of insights. Damoov’s geo-analytics brings forth robust capabilities, allowing for in-depth geo-analysis, intuitive heatmap generation, and a keen examination of points of interest. Thanks to the flexible polygon dimensions and unique identifiers for each cell, we’ve revolutionized the pace of geo-data processing. Dive deep into spatial insights with precision, clarity, and unmatched speed. With Damoov, geographical understanding is not just detailed; it’s transformative.

Telematics geo data


Elevate your app's competitive edge with our dynamic set of APIs. Craft in-app leaderboards that not only offer an overarching view but also delve deep with factor-specific detailed leaderboards.

Good driving reward


Celebrate consistency and mastery in driving. Our Streaks feature showcases the finest sequences of trips, providing a statistical breakdown to spotlight exemplary driving patterns and trends.



Introducing DriveCoin – a unique virtual point system tailored for drivers. Earned through driving excellence, these points are awarded based on malleable rules set by your organization, turning every drive into a potential reward.

Experience the pulse of real-time with our advanced telematics SDK. Harness the power of immediate location tracking, enabling the SDK to transmit telematics data as it happens. But that’s not all—our dynamic integration extends to hardware telematics platforms. With a seamless connection capability, our SDK easily syncs with a vast array of third-party fleet management platforms, directing data straight to the designated end-point. Stay a step ahead with real-time insights, bridging the gap between data and action.

driving insights

Damoov’s prowess in mobile telematics has paved the way for a groundbreaking solution: seamless synchronization of smartphones with in-vehicle data via Bluetooth OBD.

Bypassing the common hurdles associated with Bluetooth OBD, our state-of-the-art SDK effortlessly amasses a comprehensive set of telematics and vehicle data.

The pinnacle of user convenience, drivers need not even open the app to initiate data synchronization. Experience the future of in-vehicle data integration with Damoov at the helm.

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Comprehensive Mobile Telematics Suite

SDK driving style UBI

Telematics SDK

Elevate your apps with our SDK tailored for both native and cross-platform applications. Seamlessly capture smartphone sensor data, and transform it through meticulous pre-processing into a precise driving dataset.

telematics data platform

Data management platform

Harness the power of telematics with a platform designed for optimal data handling. Process, enrich, and delve deep into telematics insights. With its adaptable architecture, you can cherry-pick functionalities tailored to your product's specific needs.

API driving behavior

API Services

Unlock boundless possibilities with our robust API services. Effortlessly manage products, access intricate driving datasets, and utilize the full spectrum of our services and insights with unparalleled ease.

Zenroad - Open-source app

Empower your development journey with Zenroad, our open-source demo app. Whether you opt to integrate the entire app or select features, it's yours to use, completely free of charge.

Welcome to DahaHub – a holistic web portal crafted with precision. For managers, it’s a gateway to driving insights and trip journals. Developers find solace in intuitive integration configurations and credential management. And for product managers, it’s a dynamic space to oversee and optimize the product. Experience telematics management like never before.

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  "Result": [
      "UserId": "736akt83-a937-4889-ae79-af2d5b63f73d",
      "InstanceId": "f78slb3a-f936-4e97-b570-d8b640e4f244",
      "AppId": "c065kjf3-02f3-4139-8dde-aadf9c47dc62",
      "CompanyId": "4bjtocc0-81b7-4d39-ad17-cdaf34a820d6",
      "ReportDate": "2021-10-17T00:00:00",
      "MileageKm": 90.007,
      "MileageMile": 55.9303498,
      "TripsCount": 7,
      "DriverTripsCount": 2,
      "OtherTripsCount": 5,
      "MaxSpeedKmh": 112.05538177490234,
      "MaxSpeedMileh": 69.63121423492431,
      "AverageSpeedKmh": 37.17732749866995,
      "AverageSpeedMileh": 23.101991307673508,
      "TotalSpeedingKm": 22.372999999999998,
      "TotalSpeedingMile": 13.902582199999998,
      "AccelerationsCount": 6,
      "BrakingsCount": 5,
      "CorneringsCount": 1,
      "PhoneUsageDurationMin": 0.41666666666666663,
      "PhoneUsageMileageKm": 0.252,
      "PhoneUsageMileageMile": 0.15659279999999998,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingDurationMin": 0,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingMileageKm": 0,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingMileageMile": 0,
      "DrivingTime": 139.16666666666666,
      "NightDrivingTime": 0,
      "DayDrivingTime": 98.2666654586792,
      "RushHoursDrivingTime": 59.16666793823242

Streamlined Open Architecture:

From Open-Source GPS to Seamless SDK & API Integration

Designed with developers in mind, we’ve simplified the process of harnessing the full potential of mobile telematics. Our comprehensive suite, encompassing the Telematics SDK (doubling as both a Behavior Tracker and Real-time GPS) along with a robust data management platform and Telematics API, ensures seamless integration following straightforward guidelines.

By leveraging our tools, we’ve condensed the typically lengthy journey to market—from years down to merely a day. Moreover, we’ve dramatically slashed R&D and development expenses tied to crafting tracking and safe-driving apps by a staggering 70%. Dive into efficiency, precision, and cost-saving with Damoov.

Developer's Toolbox: Precision and Versatility

Equip yourself with a pristine set of tools tailored for the modern developer. Our offerings encompass clean code structures, versatile SDKs, and a range of frameworks. Furthermore, our demo apps span multiple languages, ensuring you're armed with resources that complement your preferred development environment. Dive into a seamless coding experience with Damoov.

Ready-to-Use Integrations

Jumpstart your implementation process with our prebuilt integrations tailored for an array of platforms. From fleet management systems to policy frameworks and beyond, we've ensured a plug-and-play experience that minimizes setup time and maximizes efficiency. With Damoov, seamless integration is not just a promise; it's a given.

telematics technologies

management systems

device installed

wireless network

vehicle tracking

Kickstarting Your Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

telematics data portal

Establish Your company Presence

Begin by registering your company account and application with us. This foundational step ensures you have the necessary access and privileges to leverage our platform to its fullest. Start at no cost.

driving behavior sdk

Embed Our
Mobile SDK

Integrate our versatile mobile SDK into your application. Our toolkit is designed for seamless addition, ensuring your app benefits from our cutting-edge telematics capabilities without any hitches.

API for drivers

Connect with our

With the SDK in place, proceed to set up the SDK login. Additionally, establish API Authentication to guarantee secure and uninterrupted data flow. Safety and functionality go hand in hand with Damoov.

Complete Data Oversight: Every Step of the Way

Available data

raw data
processed data
analytics telematics
telematics data
telematics data


Data export

We prioritize transparency and flexibility in data handling. Our customers benefit from robust data export options. Whether you prefer back-end integrations through AWS SNS service, Azure notification services, or daily data report exports to platforms like Amazon S3 or Google Storage, we've got you covered. Navigate and control your data the way you want.

User interfaces

Our user interfaces are intuitively designed to offer a streamlined experience. Access, visualize, and manage your data effortlessly through our sleek and responsive platforms. Every interaction is crafted to ensure ease of use, comprehensive understanding, and optimal data engagement.

Telematics API call
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We are glad to assist you in launching tracking and safe-driving apps. Please grab the time slot that works best for you.

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