We provide mobile telematics as a service to power tracking services inside 3rd party mobile applications to collect, process and analyze driving data. Our proprietary solution turns any smartphone into a powerful tracking device. No telematics-device is required.

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Telematics sdk for fleets

Hundreds of businesses at any single scale from startups to large companies use our tracking services

Damoov - global company


Location points every month


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Recorded trips every month

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Empower every mobile app with advanced tracking solutions and powerful insights

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We accurately detect the start and end points of each trip and create a trip log with overall information about location history, statistics but also a detailed analysis including trip events and waypoints
behavior insights

We provide an advanced scoring model that is used by insurance and transportation companies across the globe. The Risk driving model allows you to identify different groups of drivers in terms of the risk of collisions and reduce distracted driving. We analyze driving patterns, as well as a context of the driving events. Defensive driving tips and regular feedback allow you to build a complete solution for usage-based insurance,  for family members, driving schools, corporate fleets and car makers.

We analyze driving data and evaluate it in terms of impact on the total cost of ownership, including fuel consumption, Brakes utilization, etc. This is a benchmark as we do not use in-vehicle data for such analysis.

We know how driving behavior affects the total cost of ownership and help fleet owners and drivers reduce the cost of driving, impact on nature, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Powerful capabilities to run geo-analysis, create heatmaps, and analyze points of interest. The flexible size of polygons and each cell has a unique identifier that significantly increases the speed of geo-data processing.

Telematics geo data


Set of APIs to build in-app leaderboard including an overview leaderboard and detailed leaderboards by factors

Good driving reward


Streaks feature provides you with the best & current series of Trips with statistics



Drivecoin - the virtual point that drivers can earn based on flexible rules defined by the company

The telematics SDK supports realtime location tracking. This mode allows SDK to broadcast telematics data in realtime. Also, the SDK supports a dynamic hardware telematics platform. It allows you to connect our SDK with almost any 3rd party fleet management platform by pointing data to the platform end-point.

driving insights
With our vast experience in mobile telematics, we developed an innovation solution that syncs a smartphone with vehicle data using a Bluetooth OBD.

Our product overcomes all known Bluetooth OBD pain points. Our SDK can collect the full set of telematics and vehicle data without the user/driver needing to open the app to sync the data.

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A fully integrated suite of mobile telematics

SDK driving style UBI

Telematics SDK

The SDK for native and cross-platform apps captures smartphone sensor data, pre-processes, and interprets it into an accurate driving dataset.

telematics data platform

Data management platform

The platform processes, enriches, and analyzes telematics data. The flexibility of the platform allows you to pick those steps that are required for your product.

API driving behavior

API Services

The API services allow you to manage products, access driving data, and consume all our services and insights.

Zenroad - Open-source app

The source code of our demo app is available for any developer. Regardless of whether you grab the whole app or some features only, it will be free for you.

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  "Result": [
      "UserId": "736akt83-a937-4889-ae79-af2d5b63f73d",
      "InstanceId": "f78slb3a-f936-4e97-b570-d8b640e4f244",
      "AppId": "c065kjf3-02f3-4139-8dde-aadf9c47dc62",
      "CompanyId": "4bjtocc0-81b7-4d39-ad17-cdaf34a820d6",
      "ReportDate": "2021-10-17T00:00:00",
      "MileageKm": 90.007,
      "MileageMile": 55.9303498,
      "TripsCount": 7,
      "DriverTripsCount": 2,
      "OtherTripsCount": 5,
      "MaxSpeedKmh": 112.05538177490234,
      "MaxSpeedMileh": 69.63121423492431,
      "AverageSpeedKmh": 37.17732749866995,
      "AverageSpeedMileh": 23.101991307673508,
      "TotalSpeedingKm": 22.372999999999998,
      "TotalSpeedingMile": 13.902582199999998,
      "AccelerationsCount": 6,
      "BrakingsCount": 5,
      "CorneringsCount": 1,
      "PhoneUsageDurationMin": 0.41666666666666663,
      "PhoneUsageMileageKm": 0.252,
      "PhoneUsageMileageMile": 0.15659279999999998,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingDurationMin": 0,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingMileageKm": 0,
      "PhoneUsageSpeedingMileageMile": 0,
      "DrivingTime": 139.16666666666666,
      "NightDrivingTime": 0,
      "DayDrivingTime": 98.2666654586792,
      "RushHoursDrivingTime": 59.16666793823242

Open architecture, open-source GPS tracking app and easy to integrate SDK Telematics and API services to 3rd party apps

We have created it for developers. Follow the simple guideline and get the mobile-telematics suite integrated. The suite consists of Telematics SDK (that works as a Behaviour tracker as well as a real-time GPS tracker), data management platform and Telematics API.

We reduce time to market from a couple of years to a day and reduce R&D and development costs on creating tracking and safe driving apps by 70%.

Tools for developers

Clean code, SDK, frameworks, and demo apps for multi-languages

Prebuilt integrations

Use existing integrations with fleet platforms, policy systems, and more.

telematics technologies

management systems

device installed

wireless network

vehicle tracking

How to start the project

telematics data portal

Create your company account

driving behavior sdk

Add the mobile SDK to your app

API for drivers

Setup SDK login and API Authentication

The full access to data at any stage of the data management cycle

Available data

raw data
processed data
analytics telematics
telematics data
telematics data


Data export

Customers can enjoy our data export services. We support a back-end integration via AWS SNS service or Azure notification services as well as Data Export of daily reports to Amazon S3 and Google Storage.

User interfaces

It is easy to work with our data. The following options are available for our clients:

Telematics API call
Still have questions? 

We are glad to assist you in launching tracking and safe-driving apps. Please grab the time slot that works best for you.

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